Sinar Mas Land Teams Up with Samsung C&T to Build Smart City

Sinar Mas Land

As part of its plan to become an integrated smart digital city, Sinar Mas Land has teamed up with Samsung, one of the world’s biggest companies and the biggest group in South Korea, to make this happen.

Strategic Partnership for Building Smart Cities

With the help of its company, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group (Samsung C&T-E&C Group), this partnership wants to speed up the growth of smart towns in Indonesia. The two businesses will work together to use smart home technology. And then, they will improve the growth of urban infrastructure, keep track of information, and use green energy technology.

The country of Indonesia is currently very busy with the growth of smart city projects, such as moving the capital city and building new towns. “The CEO of Samsung C&T-E&C Group, Oh Sechul, said, “We plan to take an active role in these projects by using the technology and knowledge we have in the field of smart city infrastructure development.”

The Samsung C&T Engineering & building Group has been working in different countries for over 40 years and has a lot of knowledge in engineering and building. The company works on a number of different areas of business, such as building commercial and private buildings, improving infrastructure, and building factories.

In Dubai, they worked on the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s largest building. And then, in Indonesia, they worked on the International Financial Centre 2 building.

Sinar Mas Land  Setting New Standards for Building Smart Cities

By working on the BSD City project, we have raised the bar for building smart cities in Indonesia. The government has also used it as an example for how the Nusantara IKN should grow. “Besides being implemented in Nusantara, the capital, additional township developments in Jabodetabek, Batam, Surabaya, and Balikpapan will make use of the technology developed in collaboration with Samsung C&T-E&C Group,” the official said.

As Sinar Mas Land and Samsung C&T-E&C Group work together strategically, they will have very good teamwork. They able to use cutting-edge technology and their many years of experience to shape the future of city life in Indonesia. The goal of turning BSD City into an innovation hub fits with a larger trend of using smart solutions to improve people’s quality of life in cities that are growing quickly. The relationship is a big step towards making cities that are both environmentally friendly and high-tech because they will be working together to make technology a part of these smart cities.