Distance yourself physically but stick together as a community

We're in this together


A call to the community & our fans

In these tough times it is of utmost importance for us to stick together as a community. So we sat down to come up with a valuable solution that enables us to give something back to you in the form of goods and services we’re usually not able to offer in our daily life as a band.

The cancelation of almost every tour leaves all personnel within the music industry with a massive financial loss. In these current times where digital streaming makes it tough for bands to generate enough income to make a living, every artist still aims to honor planned recording sessions as well as the general work on future albums and visual projects of all kinds. Especially now we have to rely on each other when it comes to supporting artists and their partners.

Therefore we created a support campaign containing ‘exclusive rewards’ to offer you something unique, including things we’ve never done before. Additionally you’ll find our newest merchandise collection in there, which we would’ve taken on tour with us. It goes without saying that the current situation leaves us with huge costs to cover as well.

We’re not alone with this and are incredibly thankful for any kind of support from you. It’s never been more important to stand side by side to each other than it is now. Don’t lose hope, we’ll get through this together!

Tobias, Marvin, Julian & Lotze

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