Hey everyone,

First of, we’d like to apologize to all of you for being so quiet and leaving you in the dark for so long. The reason for this is something that hit us pretty hard and took a lot of time for us to deal with it.

It’s with heavy hearts that we have to announce that we’ve parted ways with Dario and Kassim. They came to a point where they realized that they and us just don’t share the same vision anymore regarding the music we make and the way we see this band’s future. There is no bad blood and we wish them all the best for and all the love for their future endeavors. Please respect that this was their own, free decision and that this is, what we all feel, is best for everyone. 

It took a lot of time for us to cope with the situation and get back up on our feet to find out where the future of this band lies and we didn’t want to get back out there to you unless we feel like the music we’re writing is the best we’ve ever written.

So now’s the time. You can find our new single in the next blog post!


Thank you all for your understanding, your patience and your continuing support!

Tobias, Marvin, Julian & Lotze

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  • Thank you for your beautiful, inspiring music. Love it! Sad for the band member change but hopeful the music keeps the same heart. Dead End maintains that for sure. Continued good health and happiness for you all and for god’s sake PLEASE tour in USA…in Missouri. Peace & Love!

    Linda Miller on
  • Hey ich finde es sehr schade das kassim und dario gegangen sind aber ich finde es toll das ihr wieder aufgestanden seit und weiter gemacht habt und dadurch einen tollen song produziert habt, respekt an der stelle:)
    Ich bewundere euch in allen hinsichten!
    Ich wünsche euch(auch dario & kassim) weiterhin viel Erfolg, Verständnis, Glück
    In liebe

    Viki on
  • Es bricht mir fast das Herz dies zu lesen! Ihr Jungs habt mit phoenix ein Album geschrieben, wo jeder Song mich berührt hat! Es war die perfekte Mischung aus core&clear part! Ich habe es schon fast als mein lieblingsalbum überhaupt angesehen. Auch eure live-performance im z7 an der Never Say Die Tour war atemberaubend! Danke dafür!
    Ps; euer Song Dead end macht sich gut

    marc schuhmacher on

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